Hi, my name is Sebastian Baltes,

I'm a researcher, teaching assistant, and Ph.D. student at the Software Engineering Group of Trier University in Germany. In my research, I analyze software developers' work habits to identify requirements for new tools supporting developers; to build, evaluate, and compare new and existing tools; and to communicate developers' opinions, work habits, and needs to the software engineering research community.

Most empirical studies I conduct follow a mixed methods approach, combining qualitative and quantitative methods. I'm especially interested in interdisciplinary research, involving theories and methods from the social sciences (e.g., grounded theory and social constructionism) and psychology (e.g., theories on expertise development and personality). Moreover, I'm interested in legal aspects of software development, in particular software licenses. To complement qualitative results derived from interviews, observational studies, and online surveys, I apply data-mining techniques to open source software projects or other data sets. Besides, I'm interested in information visualization and in particular in visual analytics, i.e. how interactive visualizations can support humans in analyzing data. I support open science and open data practices: I try to publish data, software, analysis scripts, and paper preprints whenever possible. Further, I think that we need an active discussion about research methodology and ethical issues in the software engineering research community.

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